Meet the Family

Baby Bop Pop 

This little ball of energy wasn't created along with the other three. It actually came about after 9 months of the scientist painstakingly mixed different combinations to make a mystery flavor. When it finally hit them. They mixed the candy coatings of Lugo and Lilli and created something, which quite honestly confused them. It hasn't quite developed arms. But, it is very adorable.

Comes in blue lollipop for boys


Gran Popz

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to GranPopz. He said "Corn Syrup" is why he had to get dentures, not old age. Apparently, he and they got into a fight and Granpopz got the worst of it.


Lilli Lolli

Lilli is a true woman of the times. Having a quiet demeanor quickly faded once she saw the way that women Fruitfolkz and Candykind were being treated. She compared their treatment to that of second class citizens. She went above and beyond her duties to unite both races of women. She spoke up for fairer treatment of women with a style and flair that couldn't be matched. Many wanted her to be the next in line for the position of Candy Mestre.


Lugo Lolli

The self-proclaimed leader of the group. He is always outspoken and never one to shy away from a good argument, when he has valid points for his reasoning. Very intelligent but he often downplays it in order to fit in. He also doesn't like to be labeled as a know-it-all. He has the drive to be in a better position in life, but he sometimes over thinks the outcome.


Cap Shop (Coming Soon)

All Caps $25.00

Baby Bop ""Don't Fight the Cuteness" Cap

Lugo Lilli "Nails Bihhh" Cap

GranPopz  "Baldmouth -N- Bad" Cap

Lugo Lolli "Directions for Collecting"


3 Panel Shirts (Coming Soon: Emoji face is not the graphic for any of the shirts)

Comic book panel shirts with a set-up and a punchline, so the joke is "literally on you"

Support Characters (Coming Soon: Emoji face is not the graphic for any of the shirts)

TeeVee -N- Snax Collection

Shirts inspired by some of my favorite (hopefully yours as well) TV shows from the 80's and 90's that represent certain city's.