Hard Life for Hard Candy



The Situation Which Enraged Everyone There Suddenly, or the "SWEETS War" for short, was a display of maliciousness and the absence of common sense. Fruitfolkz wanted to be top dog for a long time in the argument of who was better for snack time. The elder fruitsman made valid points at the Edible's Summit. He stated that fruit had always been the healthier alternative and that it "Would be a hot day in the fridge, before I let candy take our rightful place as the true, natural people of this land!"

Oooh, the Candy Master was not having this sort of deplorable talk about her people.

"I am about to get down and dirty as the soil which your people come from". She went into a long rant about how Candy Kind never cared about being the best snack. In truth, candy only wanted people to have an alternative in what they chose to eat. Then she continued the tirade boasting, "To be honest, you precious Fruit Folk rot, from the day you are picked. ¡Viva la Doce! (Long live candies! I don't know)"

Upon hearing what they assumed were the ravings of a mad woman, Fruit Folkz all over town began covering their children's ears and some even began having nervous breakdowns. Fruit Folk started to actually peel off their own skin and repeat things like "It's all a lie, It's all a lie".

Candy Kind were totally distraught over the fact the Elder Fruitsman spoke of them like this. Even with some of them being hard coated, their feelings had been crushed. That's when the applesauce hit the fan. A Candy Kind slipped on a banana peel and pure pandemonium ensued.

The war had lasted so long, everyone had lost hope of seeing an end. The real reason behind the war had morphed into rumors. Advancing technological achievements had continuously kept both sides on their stems and sticks (i.e. toes).

Two science teams from each side decided that a symbol of peace was needed to unify both warring factions. That's when they decided to create a fruit flavored candy. But not just one, but a family of sorts.


The candy and fruit war just ended, but life just wasn't as sweet as it used to be because of the effects of the war. Candy Kind and Fruit Folk needed a symbol of joy, pride and determination. They needed to be reminded of the way life used to be. In steps the nations newest family, the LottaLickz Lollipopz.